Wow. Watching TED talk was amazing. I strongly suggest watching this video if you have not watched it already. I learned so much from it, and he put a lot of it into a context that is easy to understand. He was completely right when he said that dominant groups don’t think about themselves when talking about race, gender, etc. People are compared to that dominant group, and it isn’t right. As he went on he talked about how the victims are the ones being blamed for violence, and this isn’t right. The victim has done nothing wrong, so the questions and blame should be pointed toward the attacker. It is sad to think that when women try to stand up for themselves and other people they are called such awful names. This shouldn’t happen. Women should be able to stand up for what they believe and not be ridiculed. He makes so many good points throughout this speech, and I liked when he said “men should stand with women not against” because we should all be seen as equals. We are living together and we should fight together. We shouldn’t be fighting against each other. It doesn’t make sense to me why men and women fight against each other. He spoke about bystanders and made great points. No one should watch another person get abused and just stay quiet. I loved that he quoted Martin Luther King Jr. It tied in well with what he was saying and it really made you think about many incidents that could have been prevented if people just spoke up.