(photo is from the article)

The article Changing Sex, Changing Teams is a must read. It is sad to read that Tony gave up something that he loves so much because he was afraid of being bullied. I think there should be a law allowing anyone that is transgendered to play sports in school and in general. It is sad to see that no more than 12 states have just made changes to their rules to allow transgendered people to play in sports. I just don’t understand. 12 out of 50 states have changed rules… There is so much wrong with that. Every state should have rules changed because everyone deserves to play a sport if they choose, but they should also assure the students that they can play without being bullied. If the bullying was controlled maybe more transgendered athletes would continue to play in sports, instead of quitting. The article ended with Tony saying, “To be who I am, I’ve had to give up something that’s really big in my life.” I think this is really sad because no one should ever give up what they love doing to be who they truly are.

Also reading the article I was shocked to see that Olympics and NCAA have people take such drastic measures so that they are allowed to play sports. The article said “The International Olympic Committee initially required transgender athletes who want to compete in the Olympics to undergo a full sex-change operation and hormone therapy. The National Collegiate Athletic Association requires male-to-female transgender athletes to complete a year of hormone therapy before they may compete on a women’s team.” This was all done to ensure that everything was “fair,” but is it really fair for the person that has to go through that. Why should they put their bodies through that just to play or compete in the sport that they love so much? What if they never wanted to go through with the surgery or hormone therapy? I just didn’t find that fair to the athlete in anyway.