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Effects of the “Man Box”


Everyday women are given more room to be themselves and act how they want, but men aren’t given those same privileges. Men are confined in what is described as a “man box,” in which they are supposed to talk, act, and look a certain way. Since this man box was formed, men are unable to show their emotions and are called names for talking about their thoughts and feelings. This is why when most men become upset they act out with anger or take risks (driving too fast, fighting, etc.) In the article Macho Men Die Early they say that men are more likely to commit suicide because they are more likely to let their problems bottle up until they can no longer handle them instead of asking for help. On October 19th, 2011 a 16 year old boy committed suicide because he was going through more than he could handle and he chose hide his feelings and not ask for help. He was a good friend and lost the battle within himself instead of looking for someone to help. This boy had an amazing spirit and was always there for anyone who needed him. This idea that opening up and asking for help is wrong and weak cost him his life.

This idea of the “man box” needs to be put to rest because a man should be able to say what is wrong with him, and he should not be judged by society. This man box is only hurting men rather than helping them, and that is not okay! Men may be less likely to fight issues they can see with their bodies and go to the doctor, ask for help instead of choosing suicide, and maybe they would take less risks with their life if they were given more space to be a person rather than confined to this “man box,” Men should be given increasing privileges just like women, and maybe we would see less men dying at such a young age.



Business of Being Born


When we watched Business of Being Born in class I was amazed by the fact that doctors will just give someone a c-section because they want to do home. It also amazed me how often they will give someone a drug to induce labor. I don’t think that labor should be on the convenience of the doctors. I give the mom’s that have their babies at home A LOT of credit. Pregnancy should be natural, not medicalized. What is the need for drugs or surgery just for the doctors to get out early? I just don’t think that it is right.  Image