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Anorexia is Healthy to Who?


             I watched a family member suffer from this awful illness, and for what reason? She was inspired by Brittney Spears, before her major break down. She learned that Brittney would do 1,000 sit ups, so my cousin would skip dinner and go up to “bed” early. We later found out that when she went to bed at the early times she was actually doing her 1,000 sit ups, just like Brittney Spears. My family member also began to hide food once her mom had admitted her into the hospital. Today she is perfectly healthy, excelling in college, and loving who she is.

            Society has created this image that women must uphold, and if they do not meet it then they will be criticized. We hear women talk about what they would change with their body, I will admit I am one of them, but they never highlight what they truly like about themselves. Women can look at their features and think that some actress has a better body then them or that a certain actress wears this outfit better.  Women don’t remember that famous women have pictures that get fixed with Photoshop. Many actresses are anorexic, and anorexia is a very hard illness to overcome living in this society. All women talk about is dieting, counting calories, how much they want to lose, etc. and it gets so drilled into our minds that it needs to be stopped.

           We have set ideals for the perfect women, but how often does a woman actually meet that ideal? I know a woman who is about 5’2” and weighs no more than 120 pounds, and while shopping for a swimsuit she found herself in the plus size department. This woman by no means is a plus sized person, but our society has changed by making sizes smaller in clothes to make women feel as though they are overweight. What example is this setting for young girls? We are teaching young girls that their body sizes matters because people will judge you based on looks, and that is not how our society should work. Image



I think that the blog post If I Could Have Three Wishes for My Son… by Sarah MacLaughlin was really interesting to read because these are three things that everyone should have, but in today’s society it is seen as “wrong” or “feminine” for men to have compassion, show how they feel, or have a sense of humor that doesn’t offend someone. Sarah gives reasons as to why she wants her son to have these three things, and I think she is right. Men shouldn’t bottle up how they feel because in the end they are only hurting themselves. I just don’t understand why society makes it seem “manly” to but someone else down or hurt them just for a laugh. Many people, not just men, have lost a real sense of humor and like she said Nothing is good when you have zero ability to laugh at yourself, or life for that matter.” So think about the future if you have a little boy, what would be your three wishes for your son in the society that you live in?